Teaser - Riding to the light
RIDING TO THE LIGHT is the story of Lucio and Javier, ex-best friends. When they were teenagers they were not only best friends  but also surfer rivals. They were among the best surfers  in Mexico,  until too many drugs and too much alcohol ruined both their friendship and their surfing. 

 Ten years later, Javier managed to rehabilitate himself and  started surfing again, but Lucio is still  trapped in a destructive cycle of parties, drugs and alcohol. One day Lucio finally hits rock bottom  but he glimpses a light at the end of the tunnel when he  learns that Javier is  planning to make a trip that both of them planned 10 years ago, an epic surfing trip from Oaxaca all the way up to the Island of Todos Santos in Ensenada (North of Baja). The  reason for the trip is to train and get back in shape, going beach to beach on the Pacific Ocean -  which will all lead up to a big Wave world Tournament in Todos Santos, where contestants will surf the biggest most dangerous waves in Mexico. 

Lucio  finds out where Javier works and  though they haven't seen each other for 5 years, he decides to pay his former best friend a surprise visit,  in the hopes of convincing Javier to take him  along on the trip.   Lucio  believes that making this trip can be his ticket out and away from the failures and disappointments of his life.  Though Javier is unwilling at first, he finally agrees to  bring Lucio along with him on the trip, but with one simple rule “No drugs and no alcohol”. Each of them has different goals and a different personal agenda: Lucio hopes to rehabilitate himself from the  dead-end existence  he's been trapped in; and Javier wants more than anything to prove to his  judgmental Father that combining surfing and  with ecotourism can  be a viable business plan with a real future.    But their shared goal is to practice and train and hone their surfing skills to be ready to  surf some of the biggest and most dangerous waves  in the world, at Todos Santos, where  they'll be risking their lives if they  haven't prepared  sufficiently. 

 At the first stop on their trip, in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, they meet Silvia, a young American woman who’s come to Mexico to make a surfing documentary that she hopes to enter in a prestigious contest that could win her a scholarship to UCLA Film School. The star of the film will be her boyfriend, a California surfer; but he turns out to be an arrogant jerk, and after he abandons her, Silvia's left with no money, no car, and worst of all, no subject for her film. When she meets Lucio and Javier, she realizes they can all help each other, and she proposes a deal they can't refuse: in exchange for a ride back to Los Angeles, she will film their surfing trip and make it and them the subject of her documentary. They accept, and the three of them start the trip together.  

But in addition to the drama and adventure of a magical trip through Mexico, their journey becomes a love triangle, a complicated attraction that threatens to destroy friendship - but which is finally resolved with a happy ending.  RIDING TO THE LIGHT   becomes a trip were we will see magical and amazing glimpses of a Mexico that nobody knew existed. Follow your dreams!!!


Harrison Reiner
Fernando Lebrija


Irreversible Pictures

Surfing Your Dreams
With the Director Fernando Lebrija